Doimo Cityline Contract
Viale Europa Unita,12
31010 Moriago della Battaglia (TV)
R.E.A. N. TV 201020
Cap.soc. 2.000.000,00 i.v.
P.Iva 02300360266
Contract by Doimo Cityline a contract for furniture and furniture for Hotel Rooms Hotels Residence Stores Fairs Office Suite, Offers solutions for the furnishing of Hotel, Resort, Residences, Shops, Suites, Office and Trade Shows. Design, production, transportation, installation, lighting, Choice of materials and fabrics. Collections that are able to furnish and living environment, designs with highly customizable solutions that cover the most captivating styles and tastes,blending appearance, functionality and duration in any type of receptive, commercial or professional structure. With the manufacturing technology, the research and design capability and the territorial distribution that only a large group can offer, Doimo Cityline Contract offers a wide range of custom-made solutions for accommodation, commercial and professional structures that is in tune with the latest trendsin style. Style, functionality and a 5-year guarantee come from total quality. Starting from the design phase, which an ongoing relationship with the finestdesigners keeps at the highest levels, and moving on to production, which makes use of advanced technologies and materials, on up through after-salesservice, Doimo quality never changes. And that's certified.